Ansur treeless saddles for horses

Build Your Ansur Westernaire

The Ansur FlexCore construction fits all horses, eliminating the need for tree sizing. It is very important, however, for you as the rider to order the correct seat size for proper balance and rider position.

Help! What size do I need?

Select Saddle Size

Add $315 for saddles:
  • 15" and smaller
  • 18" and larger

Select the leathers you want to customize your saddle just the way you like. Mix and match our premium smooth and suede leathers and colours.

Saddle Body Leather Options
Light-oil saddle leather
Medium-oil saddle leather
Chestnut saddle leather
+ $160.00
Black saddle leather
+ $160.00
Rough-Out saddle leather
+ $315.00

Select Body Leather

Seat Leather Options
Black (pebble grain) seat
+ $160.00
Havana (pebble grain) seat
+ $160.00
Rust (pebble grain) seat
+ $160.00
Tobacco (pebble grain) seat
Tan (pebble grain) seat
+ $160.00
Black (suede) seat
+ $160.00
Havana (suede) seat
+ $160.00
Chestnut (suede) seat
+ $160.00

Select Seat Leather

Interested in custom carving or silver for your saddle? Talk to us about our many options.

Contact me to discuss additional decorative options before processing my order.

Choose a sheepskin color to complement your saddle colors.

Tiny_natural_sheepskin Natural Colored Sheepskin $0.00
Tiny_black_sheepskin-smaller_img Black Sheepskin $160.00

Every saddle can be customized to suit your particular style and preferences. Upgrade the selections below or keep the standard default options.


Cantle Options

Select cantle style:
Tiny_111811webstraightupcantle Straight-up cantle $0.00
Tiny__52010_cheyenne_roll Cheyenne Roll cantle $315.00
Select cantle height:
Tiny_3_inch_cantle 3" Cantle $0.00
Tiny_4_inch_cantle 4" Cantle $160.00

Seat Pad Options

Select pad shape:
Tiny_insert_pad Teardrop pad $0.00
Tiny_full_pad Full Pad $290.00

Fork Options

Select fork style:
Tiny_img_9098 Slick Fork $0.00
Tiny_swell_fork Swell Fork $265.00

Horn Options

Select horn style:
Tiny_wade_horn Wade Style horn $315.00
Tiny__81310_2.5_inch_horn 2 1/2" Horn $0.00
Tiny__31711_no_horn No horn $0.00
Tiny_barrel_racing_hor Barrel racing horn 4" $260.00

Skirt Options

Select skirt style:
Tiny_round_skirts Round skirt $0.00
Tiny_square_skirts Square skirt $160.00
Select your rigging style
Tiny_double_cee_rigg Double Cee rigging $0.00
90x60&text=no++image 3-point Rigg $265.00
Pick a hardware color
Tiny_brass_hardware Brass Hardware $0.00
Tiny__121610_stainless_hardware Stainless Steel Hardware $185.00
Tiny_endurance_stirrups Endurance stirrups $115.00
Tiny_weaver_2__stirrups 2" wood stirrups included
Tiny_3_inch_wood_stirrup 3" wood stirrups $150.00
Tiny_aussie_stirrup Aussie Stirrups with leather covers $75.00
Stirrup Covers and Tapaderos
Tiny_leather_sleeves Leather Sleeves $125.00
Tiny_full_covered_strrp Full leather cover $265.00
Tiny_brush_guard_tapaderos Brush Guard Tapaderos $345.00
Tiny_bull_nosed_tapaderos Bull Nosed Tapaderos $370.00
Tiny_large_taps Large Tapaderos $480.00

Let's get practical. Adding dees, clips, and strings equips your saddle to carry you down the trail with your water bottle, poncho, and lunch attached.

Tiny_logo_to_use Strings (3 sets per side) included
Tiny_logo_to_use Rings (3 per side) $65.00
Tiny_logo_to_use Clips (3 per side) $65.00
Tiny_western_crupper_dee Crupper Dee $60.00
Tiny_britchin_dees Britchin Dees $55.00

Finish off yor saddle with one or more of our matching additions made from the finest leather.

Tiny__81910_flank_cinch Flank Cinch $265.00
Tiny_breast_collar Matching Breast Collar $295.00
Tiny__12108_bags Matching Saddle Bags (pair) $420.00
Tiny_bucking_rolls Bucking Rolls $315.00

If you know the name of your distributor, please select their name from the list below:

Your Ansur

Ansur Westernaire

Starting Price: $7,195.00

Total: $0.00

Ansur saddles built on FlexCore: the comfort of a treeless saddle with all the rider support of a tree